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           Brain Plasticity......The ability of the brain to change at any age


Do you want sharper focus, longer attention span, deeper concentration, quicker thinking,  improved memory and more creative ideas? How would your life be different if you had greater manual dexterity, superior coordination, enhanced agility, faster reaction time, and better balance? How would you feel if you had reduced stress, less brain fog, more physical relaxation? How about stronger posture, more flexible shoulders, and more supple hands and wrists? Who needs laughter? Your brain controls all of the above. Without great brain function, life becomes a trial. But now you can improve, enhance and mend brain function.


Miscellaneous ways to help…. Exercising to music stimulates and increases cognitive arousal while helping

to organize cognitive output

Omega Fatty Acids are associated with a reduced risk of cognitive impairment

2nd hand smoke reduces cognitive function

Those who ate fish reduced cognitive decline 10% - 13%

Living independently improved cognitive abilities

Juggling resulted in measurable increase in gray matter in areas of the brain

that processes usual motion information

Doing brain exercises for 20 minutes 3 days a week was shown to improve nearsightedness

Magnesium helps regulate a key brain receptor important for learning and


Folic Acid boosts brain power


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Brain Fitness, what is it

Brain Fitness Is Fun! Really. It is fun. Brain fitness for adults involves games, brain teasers, and activities that can help you think faster. Like crossword puzzles and Sudoku, giving your brain a good workout can quickly become an enjoyable and rewarding hobby.

 How Do You Achieve Brain Fitness?

The short and sweet answer to this question is rather straightforward: never stop learning. A brain fitness program involves challenging your mind to learn new activities. Note the emphasis here on the word "new". Practicing activities you have already mastered, while enjoyable, aren't doing your brain much good. To maximize brain fitness, ask yourself the following questions about the new activity you're considering learning. Is it challenging?

A new activity should command your full and close attention. If it's too easy, it may not be giving you an intense enough brain fitness workout. Is it progressive? A good brain fitness activity is one that often takes a long time to master. You should continuously challenge yourself to stay on the edge of your performance abilities so that you improve over time.

 For example, if you've recently taken up golf, you might start at a par-3 course but progress to harder, more challenging courses as your skill level improves. The same logic applies to old activities you enjoy: pushing yourself to constantly improve will help your overall brain fitness. Does it engage several of your brain's processing systems? This one probably sounds more complicated than it really is. Certain activities require you to make fine distinctions about what you hear, see or feel. In strong brain fitness activities, your brain must interpret and use this information to achieve the goal at hand.

 For example, let's say you decide to pick up ballroom dance. In this brain fitness activity, your brain is engaging both your motor and listening skills, as your body must move in synch with your partner and with the rhythm of the music at the same time. Is it rewarding and surprising? Let's face it…if you don't love the activity and feel rewarded upon doing it, you're probably not going to stick with it for very long. New, positive and surprising experiences exercise the brain machinery that makes you bright and alert.

Moreover, rewards amplify changes in your brain and lead to improved learning and memory. So a word to the wise when exploring a brain fitness program: find something you love to do!