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Bio-electrical Impedance (Body Composition Measurements)   

 Individuals $10.  In groups of 10 or more $5

Fat vs. Fit. The battle of the bulge has become an all-out war for many people in today’s health conscious society. But the majority of these people are relying on the weight scale’s numbers alone as a means of determining good health. Weight by itself is not a true indicator of a person’s health. This is where body composition comes into play. Body composition defines the quality of a person’s weight.

Obesity is a disease. One out of every four Americans is affected with this disease.

The National Institutes of Health, in its Consensus Development Conference Statement declared: “The evidence is now overwhelming that obesity, defined as excessive storage of fat, has adverse effects on health and longevity. Obesity also creates an enormous psychological burden.”

Measuring body composition is the most effective means of diagnosing and treating obesity, an excess of body fat.

The following table illustrate a variety of serious medical conditions linked to obesity.

Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Decreased Longevity, Psychological Stress, Decreased Productivity, Increase in Mental Productivity, Increase in General Illnesses, Pulmonary Disease, Arthritis (spine, hips, knees, gall bladder disease).

Men have between 11% and 18% body fat and above 25% they are borderline obese, and above 30% are considered clinically obese. Women have between 18% and 25% body fat and above 30% they are borderline obese and above 35% are concidered clinically obese. Therefore, body composition testing provides important information for those individuals who wish to maintain their ideal body composition.

Height and weight tables alone are not valid indicators of obesity because they do not account for the quality of a person’s body weight. For example, a muscular man may be overweight according to the Height and Weight tables. This same man may, in reality, be very healthy and physically fit with a low percent body fat. On the other hand, a sedentary woman may not be overweight but can be over fat and in poor health.

 Important note - prior to testing:

* For three days before test drink your daily allotment of water (approx. 8 cups)

* No food for at least two hours prior to the test (bring a snack for after the test).

* Limit cola and coffee (no cream or sugar) the day of the test.

* No exercising strenuously the day of the test.



Body Types

If you can’t reshape your body to fit the classic fashion model fantasy, you don’t need a new body - you need a new fantasy. There are three general categories of body types or shapes and your body falls into one of them: Endomorph, Messomorph, or Ectomorph. By determining your body type you can design a successful program.


If you are an endomorph, you have a round body. Your hips are wider than your shoulders, and your weight is concentrated below the waist. The key to change: burning body fat through a combination of low to moderate intensity aerobic exercise and interval training, light resistance and flexibility work. And by concentrating on upper body strength training, you can create the illusion of a perfectly proportioned shape (i.e. developing the back muscles, lats to make the waist look smaller and body like an hour glass.


If you are a mesomorph, your body is a muscular and square with strong bones and broad shoulders. Weight is distributed more or less evenly. Your body fat is inclined to settle into the not-so-fat-not-too-thin range. You build muscle easily but perhaps with too much bulk and not enough definition. The key to change: higher intensity aerobic and interval training, moderate resistance work and stretching would be the key to a beautiful fit physique


If you are an ectomorph, you have a light build, slight muscular development and usually characterize as “skinny”. The Ectomorph is sometimes a good example of a skinny person with a higher % body fat, they tend to have less lean body mass and lower metabolisms because they don’t exercise, therefore they are not very effective at burning body fat. The key to change: moderate-intensity aerobic, flexibility work and heavier resistance training will help you add curves and proportion to your angular physique.

Signs of Obesity

Because of safety concerns, the Federal Aviation Administration has instructed the airlines to add ten (10) pounds to approved passenger weights.

When administering vaccines and drawing blood, doctors now need longer needles to penetrate thicker layers of fat on American bodies.

Almost 25% of women in their 50's are too large to have their body-fat measured with a traditional skin fold caliper.Liposuction is the most commonly performed cosmetic sugical procedure in the U.S. - increasing 118% between 1997 and 2001

Over the last decade, diabetes rates rose 60% in the U.S. (over half of diabetes cases are due to overweight, poor diet and physical inactivity.)

Today's size 10 was sold as a women's size 14 in the 1940's.The Gap, Limited Too and Target are selling plus-sized clothes for youth

Plus-sized boutique Lane Bryant is expected to increase its number of stores from 650 to 1,000 over the next five years. Catherine's Plus Sizes is projected to increase from 470 to 700 stores. The plus-size clothing market generates $23 billion in sales each year, accounting for a quarter of women's clothing sales.

Nike changed the size scale for it's women's fitness apparel. A small sports bra used to fit a woman with a 33-inch to 35-inch bust. Now it fits a 35- to 37-inch bust.

One of the reasons the Boston Red Sox decided to rebuild the legendary Fenway Park was that the seats were too narrow for today's baseball fans. The seats in the new ballpark are 4 inches wider.