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Workout Tips


The Rules, Regulations and Hints for Working Out

When you are exercising, you do not want to hold your breath. You should exhale as you exert energy, for example, you would exhale as you lift the weight for a biceps curl and you would inhale as you return the weight to the starting position.

It is better to lift less weight properly, than to lift a heavier weight incorrectly.  Not only are not getting the correct muscle, but you are setting yourself up for injury.

Be careful how you lift the weights, you should bend down, pick up the weight, hold it next to your body and stand up using your legs instead of your back.

When using the bench press be sure to use collars to hold the weight on.  In doing so you prevent the weights from falling off and doing serious damage.

It is always best to have a spotter if you are using a piece of equipment you have not used before, or if you are using heavy weights. The spotter can also help you finish a set or help you if you should run into a problem.

When you exercise you will feel your muscles working, or what they call a burn, this is normal.  What is not normal is a pain in the joints or any other pain you might feel.  If you do experience pain, stop immediately.

If you are doing an exercise alone and get into trouble do not drop the weight as this can cause you injury.  Instead, bring the weight close to your body and lower it to the floor, or if someone is close by ask them to take the weight from you.

It is not pleasant seeing a piece of equipment covered with sweat, so please be sure to spray it down and dry it off. After you have finished your workout you should put the weights away where they belong.

Ways to Make your first Workout Session your Last

Too many people want to look great without putting in the time and energy necessary to improve their physique.  They end up taking short cuts.  So, for those who want to avoid failure, here are some of the common mistakes over zealous people make.

Fail to warm up

Many people are so anxious to begin their workout that they either forget or simply neglect warming up their muscles. The result is a cold muscle that can easily tear.  The best way to warm up cold muscles and prepare them for the strains of exercise is to do some form of cardiovascular exercise for 5 - 15 minutes to warm up the body, then stretch the muscles you are going to use in your workout, holding them for 15 - 30 seconds.

Don’t know how to use the equipment

Not knowing how to use the special machines and other exercise equipment at a fitness center or gym can lead to an inefficient and unsafe workout.  It is important to know which specific muscle group a machine is designed to develop and concentrate on isolating that specific muscle group during the workout.  Using additional muscles will ease the strain, but wont give the right muscle adequate exercise and can lead to injury.

Work out different muscles equally

Too many people concentrate on only one muscle group and neglect to work out the other muscles in their body.  It’s important to “keep the balance” between opposing muscle groups.  Also, without exercising all the muscle groups a person can develop “popeye syndrome” and end up with an imbalance in their muscle strength and in their appearance (huge forearms and skinny legs).

Take on too much

Whether you are lifting weights, swimming, running or doing any type of exercise to become physically fit, you should begin with a regimen that’s most comfortable for you.  It’s important that you not try and run the farthest distance or lift the most weight when you are beginning your exercise program, otherwise you will find yourself in over your head and will lose interest before you see positive results.  By starting your program at a low intensity and then gradually increasing the intensity as time goes on, you will avoid overloading your body.

Too impatient

Many people who want to become physically fit lose their interest after the first week.  It’s important to commit yourself to an exercise program and be patient and persistent enough to understand that it usually take 4 - 6 weeks before you see results.  To help ease this commitment, it helps to have an exercise partner or personal trainer who will provide encouragement and assistance as you strive for your goals.

Won’t cool down

Cooling down after a workout can be just as important as warming up before one.  Unless your heart is given a chance to slow to a normal rate before you speed back to work or home, major complications can develop.

Stretching is a great way to cool down and should be done after every workout.  It not only calms the heart, but also keeps your muscles loose and increases their flexibility.

Ignore fitness after the workout is over

After leaving the gym or fitness center, people tend to forget what it takes to stay in shape.  It’s important to realize that, in order to stay in shape, fitness needs to be a 24 hour commitment.  Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and doing brief exercise whenever possible will help ensure your fitness and health. With this type of commitment, you will develop a healthy body that can affect almost every aspect of your life in a positive way.